History Rosmax


1991 – Minimax acquires Ajax de Boer BV

1992 – Start of Rosmax Competence Center as a partnership between Rosheuvel (Ros) and Minimax (Max).

1993 – 2003 The in-house in Progress 4GL developed ERP software at Ajax and the method of business process engineering becomes the basis for Minimax and all its branches in Europe.

2003 – Minimax decides to discontinue with Rosmax competence centre (no core competence). SAP is further implemented in all branches.

2005 – Base-X, version 10 of the ERP system developed in Progress OpenEdge is almost finished, but due to the delay in the development and the further loss of customers, the development was stopped in 2007.

2016 – final end of the ERP system. The last customer migrated to SAP HANA

RosMax IT Solutions BV – Base-X ERP Software


Base-X is developed by RosMax IT Solutions in Progress 4GL and Progress OpenEdge, based on years of practical experience in the development of business software. RosMax and Rosheuvel have years of knowledge and experience in automating business processes including the development of ERP systems and high quality custom solutions. The development method is based on close cooperation with clients on location. Based on this long and thorough hands-on practical experience, Base-X has been established. The ERP system has been used in all branches/subsidiaries of Minimax GmbH in Europe.

After Minimax decided (2003) to implement SAP in all branches in Europe, the curtain fell for RosMax. Also after Ajax Brandbeveiliging BV was taken over by UTC and migrated to JD Edwards, another large customer left.

We rebuilt parts of Base-X in SAP (abab) and in addition to the implementation of SAP at Minimax in Bad Urach, we also supervised the transition to SAP at all other Minimax branches in Europe. In 2016, the last subsidiary, Pefipresa in Spain, was transferred to SAP HANA.

End of RosMax, Rosmax IT Solutions and Base-X, but not the knowledge of organizing and automating business processes and developing administrative software. All developers and cosultants of Rosmax IT Solutions BV are still developers and in most cases as independent entrepreneurs!